DoppeLoopers reviewed    The Creed

Businesses reviewed to be of Level ‘Pass' by our Profiling Unit falls under The Crafters Group or The Collectors Group, depending on the nature of the business. Their crafted/collected items will be presented on our DLINC platform for a specified period of time upon mutual agreement of a set of requirements.

Reviewed businesses under The Crafters Group (TCG):
(1) 50 States of Grey aka 50SOGrey - Reinventing Characters.
(2) THEGS - Lightweight Sleek Gifts
(3) My Fish Bliss - Artistic Fish Expressions
(4) Little Mirage @DPLP (upcoming) - Charm Jewelry & Assembly
Assembly Unit: Kindly contact us (for a quotation) via 'Ask Mirage' for services regarding chain & bail assembly for necklaces and ear post assembly for earrings.
(5) King's Pin (upcoming): Core Series - ApeLapel

Reviewed supplier-crafters for DPLP TCG:
(1) The Banana Peels - The Supplier of 'Peelables' and Enabler of Seal Culture [TBPSC]
(2) TagsMML - The Supplier of Handmade Tags.

Reviewed hobbyist-crafter:
Crafter Species aka Crafter S. - Random crafts of impulse