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By LAnon - Random Raw Ramblings

Time to Say Goodbye [lyrical compilation]

He found a love for him
It must’ve been good but he lost it somehow
Cos’ heaven knows
That all he does is hope and pray
Like a fool who sits alone
Talking to the moon
Make-believing that they’re together


Why doesn’t he come to his senses?
She’s not sad or lonely
Just quietly wondering what’s going on with this stranger in the smoky haze
For she wouldn’t take a chance on someone so afraid
But she’s not drawing the queen of diamonds either
& with the masquerade getting older
She’s walking away
Saying goodbye, the night is over


Now remember that it’s all in his head
He thinks she’s killing him softly
Convinced that she told him she loved him
Thinking what can he say to make her come back again
She must have loved him for fun


潇洒来去 玩爱情游戏


Bending and folding him anyway she please
Messing with his pride and his mind
But then again, it’s all in his head


He can’t fathom why she wouldn’t let him treat her right
Why she wouldn’t give herself to him
Why can’t she see that she belonged to him?!




If only he could melt her heart
If only she let him take her home tonight
For now, he’ll be watching her
Every move, every smile
But at the end, it’s just one more dream he cannot make true


他一天天失去勇气 偏偏难了难忘记
愿来生 还能再度拥抱
缘难了 情难了
不愿离开 只愿留低 情是永不枯萎
但她就像只蝴蝶在天上飞 飞来飞去飞不到他身边
怎样面对一切 他不知道


Again, talking to the moon




He’s alone again, naturally
In a very, very mad world
With a heart so badly broken
He’s down to his one last cry
But remember, it’s all in his head


With every observation she gains clarity
To his mind and his sanity
Thus it’s time to say goodbye
For silence was his enemy
& he’s blinded by the lies in his eyes


Believing that she’s frozen
Her bitter heart, cold to the touch
Consuming all the air inside his lungs
He needs her to set him free


提着昨日种种千辛万苦 向明天换一些 美满和幸福
爱是漫长的旅途 梦有快乐 梦有痛苦


Again, all in his head


All around her are familiar faces
But it’s time to say goodbye
To the one who looked right through her
Letting her dream begin, her darker side gives in
She shall be the devil while he, forever the wounded angel
No expression, no expression
The old her is dead and gone
Dead and gone
Maybe it’s time
To lose control
Maybe it’s time
To lose oneself to the rhythm of the falling rain

~ 100218


ENOUGH (I'm out)

With no courage to speak or act
Why keep dreaming the impossible dream
If it’s only attention you want so much
There’re others from whom to get


You want something out of reach
When it’s nearing, you bow out
And then again, the blame’s on me?
While you staged everything from start to end
I’m left wondering where I am


Just let everything go to heck
Or is conviction what you lack?


With no discipline on your end
I’ll show you how it’s done
Where we’ll always be a world apart
Till the point where I depart


This is what you truly want
Gratification while it last
No real action
Just words of others


Seriously man
Are you for real?


What you seek is another you
Bored, lonely & confused
To fill the void
You have in you


Come on now
I’m not like that
Who I am, you don’t care
You aren’t someone who’s all here
One who cares enough to take the first step
Who you are, I never knew
Your inconsistencies
I’ve lost count
For you’re not what you seem to be
& those words, so sugary sweet
They don’t mean a goddamn thing


Please kind sir
Be fair to me
Before you bring out
The worst in me
Letting die what’s left of me


Don’t feel bitter at my words
For you have judged me from the start
Now it’s time you know my thoughts
Before I finally go out of my mind


There’s a limit to one’s control
Why not try respecting it?
Give me back my peace of mind
For you’ve never truly cared for it


Be contented with what you have
Your imagination is all you’ve got
Might as well let you in on this
The ‘Me’ you concocted
I’ll never be
For there’s no one else but ME I’ll be


Enough is enough already

~ 080218


Familiar Stranger (Thank you for the memory)

Enjoy the time while it lasts
For everything ends in sunny June
By then another passing face
Would have come and gone away

Might as well get used to all
Mental goodbyes and fleeting reminisce
For life has shown me all thus far
Is people always disappoint

In all his hesitation and confusion
I shall bow and take my leave
Engulfed in thoughts
A smile on cue
Pondering what tomorrow brings

~ 310118


Of Standards & Principles

He who lacks courage ain't worth it
Don't believe in words. Have standards.
Never waver from principles.

~ 100118



As hollow as they are touching.

Don't buy into the BULL.

~ 270118




Come back to EARTH now

~ 170118



Sweet Exterior
Hollow Center
Indulge Now
Regret Later

~ 030118



Facile creatures EVERYWHERE
Mask On
Mask Off

~ 271217